Mitera Certification

Surrogacy agencies and fertility centers that are certified have a formal relationship with Mitera that commits their organizations to:

  •      Pre-match MFM screening of all surrogates
  •      Compliance with our recommendations
  •      Ongoing risk assessment and engagement during pregnancy

Our certified partners also have access to additional services such as MFM consultations for intended parents and at-home genetic testing and counseling

Mitera Certification

Are you Mitera certified yet?

Partner with Mitera to provide peace of mind for your clients and ensure better outcomes for your organization.

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Intended Parents

Ensure the best possible outcome for your surrogacy journey by utilizing Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) subspecialty expertise!

By choosing a Mitera-certified agency or fertility center:

Your gestational carrier is medically screened using the highest medical standards set in third-party reproduction
You incorporate MFM subspecialty expertise into the care of your pregnancy while respecting the autonomy of your surrogate to choose their own OB provider
You identify and address issues that may arise during pregnancy
You have the opportunity for at-home genetic testing and counseling for convenience and privacy
You may also book your own screening by clicking here Book your own screening
Certified Partners
Thank you so much for your very thorough and extensive report. I know it must have taken a while to generate it and I'm so grateful for your extended time with us. We feel lucky to have found Mitera.
Mitera is providing a service that is highly valuable. Gaining access to Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist in such an easy and streamlined way to get answers for the concerns we had in moving forward with fertility treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic helped me and my husband make a decision with confidence. Their providers are experts and they truly take the time to make sure you are happy and that all of your questions are answered. It also felt very comfortable to do the video appointment from the comfort of our house. Thank you so much, Mitera!
Amanda S.
This was my first time using Mitera, but I have to say I wish more pregnancy visits were like this. It felt more like a conversation with a colleague than a doctor's visit. The physician was extremely friendly and I felt very at ease with her the entire time, despite the often (very) personal conversation we were having. I believe this visit was as efficient as any in-person visit, but was easier and more personal than most.
Kim L.
From the initial recommendation and efficient registration to the consultation itself and the post appointment follow-up, we were pleased with every step of the process. Our provider spent an exceptional amount of time with us, clearly explained our care in digestible terms, provided diagrams, statistics and associated risks, all of which we could see and understood. She answered our many questions and provided us with post-appointment summary/next steps. We were grateful for her expertise!
As a fertility center that specializes in egg donation and surrogacy, Santa Monica Fertility encounters patients with widely varying ages and needs. Mitera provides egg donor genetic screening, surrogate and intended parent perinatal consultation, consultation for women with medical problems and obstetric and genetic counseling for women and men of advanced reproductive age. Mitera’s medical team collaborated with us to develop a bundle of services that best fit our unique needs. Consultations have been timely and comprehensive, yet personable and balanced enough to allow patients the opportunity to make informed decisions. The medical team is expert, professional and accessible. In these rapidly changing times of genetic and perinatal technologies, we are very pleased to partner with Mitera and greatly trust the integrity and quality of their work.
Dr. John Jain, Santa Monica Fertility
I had a great experience with Mitera. The booking process was simple and the instructions on how to access the call were easy to follow and understand. The provider I met with showed genuine care and concern for my body and the health of my pregnancy. Overall, I was pleased with everything.
Emma R.