Peaches&Me™ At-Home Test

A genetic test for pregnant individuals to screen for Down syndrome, trisomy 13, trisomy 18 and the sex of their baby. We also let you keep your baby’s sex a secret by sending the result to a friend or baker.

1. Request your test order
You may place the order for your kit on this page. We will then email you a health questionnaire that includes education on the test and an informed consent process. Once you complete your questionnaire, a doctor will review everything and order your test, if appropriate.
2. Receive your kit and send in your sample
After your order is placed, you will receive your test kit in a couple of days. You will also be provided a link to schedule a time for a mobile phlebotomist who will collect your blood sample from your home. The phlebotomist will take your sample and ship it to the lab.
3. Receive your results
Depending on your test results, you will either be sent your results directly or asked to schedule time with a genetic counselor who will explain your results and your follow-up options. Your results will then be sent to your primary provider, if that information was provided during the intake process.

Order the Tests Yourself

You don’t need an order from your existing provider. A Mitera doctor will provide medical review and place your order.

Insurance Accepted

Depending on your coverage, you may have your testing cost covered.

Counseling Included

We provide virtual genetic counseling to make sure you fully understand the test and your results.

Coordinated Follow-Up Care

We send your results to your existing provider or make referrals for follow-up care.

non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)*


Due Today

Screen forDown syndrome, trisomy 13 and trisomy 18, and find out thesex of your baby.

Only For: Individuals Who Are Currently At Least 9 Weeks Pregnant


  1. At-Home Blood Collection Kit
  2. Convenient, At-Home Phlebotomy Service
  3. Virtual Genetic Counseling
  4. Results Sent to Your Existing Doctor, if Desired
  5. 5-8 Day Turnaround After Sample is Received

Payment Options

  • Insurance**: $120 due today and the rest is billed to your insurance
  • Self-Pay: $295 total

*Peaches&Me™ is a screening test and not a diagnostic one. To definitively confirm results, diagnostic testing may be recommended. False positives and false negatives do occur for a certain percentage of these tests.

    **Insurance coverage varies. You may be required to provide additional payment depending on your coverage. Insurance pre-authorization may be requested to get an estimate of your total out-of-pocket cost before finalizing your order.