Our Partners

Growing Generations

Growing Generations is a premier surrogacy agency that operates at a national
level and matches intended parents with ovum donors and gestational carriers.

Mitera provides them with medical and obstetrical screening services for their gestational carriers, genetic screening of ovum donors and consultation for intended parents with maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) providers. Through partnering with Mitera, they have taken on an innovative approach toward optimizing outcomes for the families they help.

Growing Generations

Santa Monica Fertility is a cutting-edge fertility center, based in Santa Monica, California that operates at a national level, providing both fertility services as well as third-party reproduction arrangements for intended parents in the United States and abroad.

They have partnered with Mitera to provide medical and obstetrical screening of gestational carrier candidates, genetic assessment of ovum donor candidates and genetic counseling and MFM consultations for intended parents.